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Robert Lewandowski
Georginio Wijnaldum
Christiano Ronaldo
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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About Kickdo

Hi fellow, with Kickdo you can create your favorite Football Character (mine is Robert Lewandowski) in 8-Bit style.
Choose and customize your hair style, your eyes, your outfit.

Save and download your character image as a .PNG Image File or share with your friends via Whatsapp Facebook or on Pinterest.

The goal of Kickdo is to create images of all football players ftrom the popular leagues by using AI. For that I need to provide the footall jerseys of all clubs. Per football club there are every year about 6 jerseys: home, away, champions league/euro league and always a different jersey for the goalkeeper. In a league like the german Bundesliga you have 18 clubs. So 18 clubs x 6 jerseys you have 108 jerseys every year per league. Considering that I will provide a mechanism to contribute new jerseys by the community.

Feel free to contact me

I a later step the images will be used to simute live football matches in the browser.

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